Statistics on women being murdered, violated, tortured, discriminated against, and horrified have experienced an alarming increase on various scales, extending beyond the borders of Latin American countries to encompass the global sphere. This project, conceived through artificial intelligence, arises from the deep-rooted fear within me as a woman, as well as a non-binary woman since these misfortunes are not limited exclusively to the female sex but also affect trans women and, generally, those who are part of the LGBTQ+ movement.
The uncertainty persists regarding whether the social construct and gender division in which we navigate, along with religious influence, familial and social environment, including social media, are the determining factors. We cannot identify the root of this global issue where men have been subjecting us to various forms of violence since time immemorial. It gives the impression that the past has not vanished but has endured in waves. Injustice seems to favor our assailants, and our inherent altruism may have contributed to triggering this disaster.
In Latin America, a wave of fear engulfs women, whether in the workplace, educational settings, family life, inside or outside the home. The social environment has become insecure, prompting us to take precautions such as carrying keys between our fingers, carrying pepper spray, or even a stun gun—practices that, unfortunately, have become commonplace and shouldn't be. 
All of us should feel secure.
The question always remains about whether our inherent condition as women is the cause of this. Doubts also arise about why immense respect is granted to the paternal figure and not the maternal. This disparity is perhaps a response to a perception of inferiority, as the majority of these unpunished crimes have been a result of the inequality that humanity, in general, experiences.

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